Business Due Diligence Screening

Business Due Diligence Screenings by Background Runner

As a business owner or manager, two of the most important things you do are growing your business and avoiding unnecessary risks. Our Business Due Diligence Screenings help you do both.

Whatever steps you are taking to grow your company, if you rely on what people tell you or what you read in the materials they provide (i.e. Profit and Loss Statements, an Investments Prospectus, a Business Proposal, Management Biographies), you may not be getting the whole truth. In fact, it could be entirely fictitious. The price you’ll pay for not doing your Due Diligence could be the collapse of your deal, your investment, your reputation, or your entire business.

Should You Do Your Due Diligence?

Our Business Due Diligence Screening Service is fully customizable based on who you are, who you are potentially working with and the nature of that relationship. This service is appropriate for…

…and before beginning any business relationship or executing any agreement.

All of these transactions can be risky if you don’t know who you are dealing with, how their business really performs, and whether there is any history that should cause you concern.

Our Business Due Diligence Screening Service

You can determine what information you need or you can talk with us to help you choose. When you’re contemplating doing business with an organization you’ve never worked with before, these background checks and business information could be the key to making the deal…or walking away from the deal altogether.

Business Screenings

We can locate…

Key Individual Screenings

Every business has key individuals and before you strike a deal, you will want to know who they are and what their background is. We can help you discover…

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Getting started is easy with Background Runner’s Business Due Diligence Service. Provide us with the information for the business that you would like researched and we will take care of the rest.

Background Runner gives you 24/7 access to your data, allowing you to review results anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Getting started with Background Runner’s Business Due Diligence Service is easy.