Background Check API Integration Service

Background Check API Integration by Background Runner

If you run a high volume of Background Checks and Screenings, or just want to make running your Background Checks and Screenings more efficient, use Background Runner’s Background Check Integration Service. Or, use either of our API’s to integrate your own custom HR application with Background Runner and get real-time results with just the push of a button.

Integrate Our Background Check API into Almost Any HR Application

Background Runner’s Background Check API is already integrated into 52 different applications, giving your system access into our system with no programming. We can also integrate into almost any HR, Applicant Tracking, Property Management or Drug Screening System. Just ask.

HR/Applicant Tracking Systems

Run your Pre-Employment Screenings through our Background Check API system with any of 46 different Applicant Tracking and HR systems. Among them…

Don’t see your application on our list? Contact us to find out if we’re integrated

Drug Screening API Integration

Get immediate answers to your Employment Drug Screenings using our Drug Screening Systems API Integration, part of our Background Check API Service.

Background Check API For Your Custom Applications

If you’ve developed your own in-house HR applications, you can still integrate with Background Runner’s Background Check API Integration Service. Get Background Checks and Drug Screening results automatically entered into your custom HR systems, and we’ll help you every step of the way. We have two different API systems to suit you, based on your needs and programming environment.

BCIS “Basic” API

Use your front end and a little bit of XML to access our Background Check and Screening back-end. Hundreds of CRA’s use our BCIS “Basic” API to connect to ATS and Drug Screening systems.

BCIS “Advanced” API

Our state-of-the-art JSON-based Background Check API enables easier, more contemporary coding techniques into our Background Check platform.

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There’s no better, simpler and faster way to run your Background Checks and Screenings than Background Runner’s Background Check API. Whether you have a compatible or custom application and want to use our Background Check Integration Service APIs, or simply want to manually run your Background Screenings or Background Checks, contact us today to get started now.