About Us

About Background Runner

The Background Check and Screening Industry has long had a problem. It treated employers as numbers and the screening subjects as objects, without enough care to ensure that these screenings — whose results could change lives — were accurate to ensure a fair hiring decision and fast enough to ensure your company has the information to hire the candidates it wants.

Why We Founded Background Runner

What about Background Runner makes us different?  We founded Background Runner, a Woman-Owned Business, to fix those problems and more. We believe that every Background Check and Screening is a critical piece of business information that may change the course of your business, your personal life and the lives of those we screen.

Why Choose Background Runner


Our technology has access to hundreds of millions of records for people in the United States and around the world.


While some information must be manually retrieved, our technology allows us to instantly perform most Background Checks, giving you results in seconds.


Getting the information you need shouldn’t be a maze of confusion and should be as easy as possible.


Every hiring situation is unique: different companies, candidates and positions may require different Background Checks and Screenings.


You need this information, which is why we offer our services at a fair and affordable price.


Our website and technology are available to you on any device, at any time. We meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards so that those with disabilities can also use our service.

Background Runner Is Right for You and Your Company

Background Runner services any size company, from those with a single employee to thousands. We also work with any individual who wants to ensure their own safety and well-being. Do you want to know more about Background Runner? Are you wondering how we can help you or your company? Contact us online or call us now at 800-322-2850.